Allowed & Prohibited Items

HI! Creative Fair provides services over the Internet using, but not limited to, website, mobile Web, and mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as "Platforms"). We showcase original design items on our Platforms, helping independent designers reach an international market. At the same time, our Platforms' simple and intuitive interfaces allow design lovers to find and buy their favourite design items quickly and conveniently.

Allowed items

1. Original design: a product that is designed and/or created by a designer (or their team/manufacturer). Its design should show originality. The product should not be listed as a prohibited item in the Allowed & Prohibited Items policy.

2. Authorized representation: a product that is designed by someone else, but the designer or brand owner/company has signed a document stating that you are an authorized seller of that product.

Prohibited items

1. Items in small or large quantities brought back from abroad, for which you cannot provide documentation stating your selling rights.

2. Fakes, copies, or products that infringe copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual property rights, or proprietary rights of third parties.

3. Works that violate intellectual property laws and use images without the consent of the owner (including but not limited to the images and photographs of cartoon characters, movie characters, celebrities, etc.).

4. Workshops that cannot provide corresponding proof of insurance and instructor certification.

5. Workshops that are held in venues that fail to meet regulatory requirements and where the public cannot freely enter and exit (including but not limited to residences, houses, etc.).

6. Products made by following tutorials, online videos, instructions, or books (i.e., non-original design).

7. Products not actually for sale (e.g., items for display).

8. Rental items.

9. Where the product is a promotion or a form of advertisement.

10. Any alcohol or tobacco products or products used to manufacture alcohol or tobacco.

11. Drugs, narcotics, steroids, other restricted drugs, or drug-taking equipment.

12. Products that contain radioactive substances, flammable substances, poisonous substances, or antidotes to these substances.

13. Medication and medical equipment not approved by HI! Creative Fair.

14. Live animals, taxidermized animals, or products made using parts of animals under conservation (e.g., elephant teeth bracelets).

15. Fireworks or firecrackers.

16. Weapons (e.g., guns, gun powders, ammunitions, bullets, or explosives).

17. Harmful substances (e.g., anything that can be flammable, explosive, erosive, or poisonous).

18. Real estate or transportation that requires a license (e.g., cars, motorcycles, or boats).

19. Products for which you cannot provide proof of ownership or that are stolen.

20. Personal data (e.g., phone directories or security background data).

21. Government documentation or licenses, identity cards, passports, police equipment or those of other law enforcement organizations (including uniforms or badges).

22. Receipts, invoices, lotteries, or scratch cards.

23. Currencies, shares, evidences of shareholding, bonds, investment interests, real-estate holdings, or other securities.

24. Pornographic materials, products that hint at pornographic materials, or anything that can be interpreted as obscene or indecent.

25. Products that hint at violence or is violent in nature.

26. Products that can be interpreted as personal attacks on certain persons or peoples, or that hint at discrimination.

27. Products that are racially, or religiously derogatory, or that promote hatred, violence, or racial and religious intolerances; products that show gender discrimination or discrimination against people with disabilities.

28. Other products that encourage illegal activities or public disturbances, or are illegal to sell, or are promotional in nature.

29. Other products deemed by HI! Creative Fair as inappropriate or unfit for listing on HI! Creative Fair's Platforms.